Wednesday, December 21, 2016

2016 December News & WhatZ coming in 2017 Q1!

Coming just before 2017!

AudioBridge has added HAFLER Headphone Amplifiers into our distribution list!

Coming to Singapore are HA15 Solid- state and HA75 Tube Head Headphone Amplifiers.

Hafler - A Division of Radial Engineering Ltd

Radial Engineering 4 PLAY & HEADLIGHT are coming to Singapore!

iPower AA & 9V Lithium Polymer batteries and chargers are in stock again!

" new" LAV BULLET, mic drop has arrived!
Great solution for miking up your lav mics. 

Coming in 2017!

K-Tek introduces new Stingray Gizmo Bag set!
Available in 3 Sizes 

More Radial Engineering Products coming to Singapore!

Radial - DiNet DAN-TX

The Di-NET DAN-TX stereo direct box is equipped with 1/4-inch, RCA and stere
o 3.5mm input jacks, allows users to connect instruments or line level sources directly to networked audio systems using the Dante protocol. The DAN-TX has 24-bit/96 kHz analog to digital conversion, and a local 3.5mm headphone output provides the means to quickly test audio.




& more products coming in YR 2017

Wishing Everyone a
 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!