Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November/ December news

Our Guest meets Users!
Mr Peter Janis, CEO of Radial Engineering made a 2 days stop here in Singapore between 8 and 9 Nov, during his business trip to Asia. During his visit, he visited one of our local educational institute and also had a networking session with some of our local Radial Engineering users. 
We are glad to see all during these sessions.

Love Radial Engineering!

Mozegear MiniPaPi A 
Mini Portable Microphone Preamp
Coming to Singapore soon!

Lectrosonics PDR
Professional Portable Digital Recorder 

Radial Engineering CATAPULTS
4 CHANNEL CAT5 Audio Snake are here!

JDX Direct Drive
Amp Simulator & Direct Box
HOT Product! In Singapore now!

Radial Engineering
SWITCHBONE V2 is here!

Radial Engineering
New BIGSHOTS EFX, I/O & ABY are here!

BubbleBee Industries
The Piece A Fur adds 4 more colour for users!
In stock now! 

New and great wind solution!
SPACER by BubbleIndustries

Denecke SB-4 
Timecode Generator is here and well accepted by location sound recordists!

& more new and great products coming to you soon!