Saturday, September 26, 2015

2015 Q4 - Oct to Dec New Products

AudioBridge works with Soundguys Solutions products in promoting their products in S.E. Asia. 

Radial Engineering JDV will be arriving in Singapore in Sep/ Oct!

31st TEC Award Nominees  

 First Cantar X3 Audio Recorder/ Mixer will be arriving in Singapore in November!

AEA N8 Nuvo has Stere Matched pair package with accessories. Limited time offer!

Lectrosonics SSM Micro Transmitters have arrived in Singapore

K&M 12295 LED Light with dimmer control is in stock now!

K&M Keyboard stands have arrived!
More products by Kaltman Creations will be in stock in Sep/ Oct!

IEMRadiator for In-Ear Monitoring Systems

Active directional antennas will be in stock soon!

PSC new Active Directional Antenna will be available in October.

& more coming to you soon!