Friday, October 10, 2014

MozeGear coming into S.E. Asia!!

AudioBridge distributes Moze Gear timecode products for Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, w.e.f. from Oct 2014.

Moze Gear is a new company formed to provide high quality, dependable audio products for the television and film industry.  With the constant ongoing changes in the industry, there are ever evolving needs for technology to change with it.  Moze Gear plans to launch a range of products that are unique in scope to meet some of those challenges that exist for the ENG/EFP industry.  

Our lead engineer has a British-equivalent to a Masters in Electrical Engineering.  He worked for many years in London designing for Audio Engineering. Since relocating to the U.S., he has done extensive contract work in design and repair. The Moze Gear team includes engineers and service people who have many years of experience in manufacturing, servicing, and selling for the film and television market.

Moze Gear is based in the sunny metroplex of Phoenix, Arizona. Manufacturing and service is done ''in-house'' to achieve consistent quality.  With a goal of providing the ultimate customer service experience, Moze Gear has a 2-year limited warranty on all its products.