Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Products Arriving

AudioBridge "ASPEN" product range by Lectrosonics.

After distributing Lectrosonics microphone systems for almost a decade, AudioBridge is now gearing up for the ASPEN products.

ASPEN - Digital Audio Processors.

Unlimited input expansion TCP/IP Ethernet Addressable Seamless auto-mixing with PGA™ 48-channel mix bus with full output matrixing Simultaneous multi-point 3rd party and native control Ultra-low 1.33 ms near-side latency for real-time audio ASPEN provides you with a powerful array of features and technology not found in any other system.

Features like Optimized Architecture® for an error-free audio pathway and the patented Proportional Gain Algorithm (PGA) for seamless auto-mixing. Centralized Echo Cancellation supports bridging for multi-location Telepresence along with simultaneous TELCO and Video Conferencing. And there´s no gas gauge to tell you you´re running out of DSP resources, because you never will.

Matrix mixers: SPN812, SPN1612, SPN1624, SPN2412
Input expansion units: SPN16i, SPN32i
Conference systems: SPNTrio, SPNConference
ALL ASPEN inputs have Parametric EQ, Compressors, Limiter,
Hi & Lo pass filters, delay setings, Feedback filters etc.

2011 Lectrosonics Nov Networking session ( 14 Nov 2011)

Thank you for attending and your precious informations for us to keep working to meet your needs.


New product for Dec 2011

Lectrosonics HH transmitter