Saturday, April 17, 2010

May Cool Products by K-Tek

Something we ALL have been waiting for..........

It's call the Norbert

K-Tek's Norbert™ Camera Mounting System is a rock-solid foundation for the latest generation of video-capable DSLR's and compact high-definition video cameras. The flexible Norbert system has mounting options for both tripod and handheld use. Its lightweight machined-aluminum base frame can be used to mount a variety of production tools, including:

external viewfinders and monitors
continuous light sources
audio recorders
video recorders

Handle Kit
The dual handle kit KN2276 allows for multiple handheld orientations for smooth and comfortable handheld shooting. The handle can be mounted in two orientations, holding Norbert from the bottom or holding Norbert from the top.

Base Frame
At the core of Norbert is the KN2274 machined aluminum base frame, with standard ISO 518:2006 dimension hot shoe mounts and drill holes throughout for easy attachment of accessories. Its 23 hot shoe mounts and numerous screw holes provide near limitless flexibility for mounting accessories. The base includes a 1/4-20 tripod screw mount with quick-release plate. The quick-release makes camera battery changes fast and simple.

Shipment ETA May 2010.
For pricings, please email