Saturday, April 18, 2009

New products and back again

Zebra Cases are back again!!
Ultra tough and versatile protection for your stuff!

Zebracase presents a series of high impact, lightweight, super-tough polymer cases that are ideal for equipment storage and transport.Made from corrosion-proof, injected-molded polypropylene, Zebracases come complete with our easy to use, high-density ‘pluck and protect’ polyurethane foam liner that creates a 360ยบ defensive boundary against impact, vibration and shock.
Additionally, Zebracase’s protective design creates a temperature barrier that reduces stress, while keeping dust out. This makes Zebracase perfect for protecting valuables from damage due to all-weather transport and provides great safekeeping for storage.Key features include a steel hinge-pin for maximum durability, tongue & groove top & bottom mating for added strength, secure slide & catch clasps, wide stand-up base for stable vertical storage, large integral handle, and great stylish looks in a wide range of models to fit most needs.By protecting your equipment with Zebracase, you reduce wear & tear, lower the service costs and keep your stuff looking great. And as everyone
knows, nothing assures a higher resale value for your
investment that preserving it in ‘as new’ condition.

What we have in stock now!
Z12 -
Exterior dimensions: 10" x 7.25" x 3.5" (254mm x 184mm x 89mm)
Foam liner capacity: 7.75" x 5.25" x 2.5" (197mm x 133mm x 70mm)

Lock : 2 x side

Exterior dimensions: 17.75" x 13" x 4.5" (451mm x 330mm x 114mm)
Foam liner capacity: 15" x 10.5" x 4.25" (381mm x 267mm x 146mm)

Lock: 2 x front

Exterior dimensions: 22" x 16" x 7.25" (559mm x 406mm x 184mm)
Foam liner capacity: 7.75" x 5.25" x 2.5" (464mm x 305mm x 146mm)

Lock: 2 x side + 1 x front

Made in Canada by C.TEC( JP CableTek electronics Ltd. )
The distribution arm of Radial Engineering.

CAD MG115 15" Gooseneck Rostrum Condenser Microphone

Applications Choir, Podium, Boardroom/Conference.
MG115 Specifications
Operating Principle: Condenser
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Frequency Response: 150Hz to 20KHz
Sensitivity: -32dBV (25mV) @ 1 Pa
Impedance: 440 ohms
Self Noise: 26dBA
Power Requirements: P12, P24, P48, 5mA
Includes: 1 x Foam Windscreen
Warranty: 2 years

CAD U7USB Tabletop Recording Microphone
Plug into your computer and start recording
Designed for home and office use
Excellent for laptops
Dictate meeting notes
Add audio to slide presentations
Great for legal records
Windows and Macintosh compatible
ApplicationsSpeech/Dictation, Legal Records, Audio for Slide Presentations, Laptop Recording
U7 Features and Benefits
Frequency response tailored for speech
Omnidirectional pick-up pattern for 360 degree coverage
Condenser microphone element for high sensitivity
Includes: Ten-foot USB cable for flexible mic placement
Low profile for unobtrusive recording
Warranty: 2 years

  1. CAD U1 USB Handheld Dynamic Microphone is in stock again!!
  2. Astatic 201R, 202RW RF Resistant Cardioid Condenser Mini-Boundary Microphones ( InStock!!) Warranty: 2 years
  3. Astatic 202R, 202RW RF Resistant Omni Condenser Mini-Boundary Microphones ( InStock!!) Warranty: 2 years
visit: for details on Astatic microphones.
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