Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Model: HSVCB ( In stock!!)
The HOT SPOT monitor series has been the world’s number one personal monitor since it's invention in 1977. There are two basic concepts that have led to the continued success of the HOT SPOT. The first concept was to bring the monitor closer to the performer. Second, was to create a monitor that projects mid/high range frequencies; a frequency tailoring that Galaxy calls controlled bandwidth. By bringing the monitor closer, the stage volume can be reduced, which, in turn, helps clean up the front of house mix. Its integral volume control allows the performer to have more control over his/her volume and to hear the other musicians on stage.
The HOT SPOT's frequency range is tailored for the mid/high range (150Hz-18kHz). As live performers know, the mid/high range carries all the vocal clarity. The HOT SPOT is most effective, because of the fact it can be placed closer to the performer, its use of controlled bandwidth, and most importantly, its two
NEOLITE high efficiency high power drivers!
The HOT SPOT features two of Galaxy’s new
NEOLITE neodymium drivers, each rated at 100 watts continuous. This gives the HOT SPOT its rating of 200 watts @ 16 ohms. The HOT SPOT cabinet is constructed of black high impact ABS and has an attractive cloth grill. The back of the unit features two ¼” input jacks. One serves as the speaker's input; another makes it possible to link multiple HOT SPOTS. The HOT SPOT's front mounted seven position volume control offers 18dB of adjustability (in 3 dB increments). All HOT SPOTS have a built in stand mount which allows them to be easily mounted to a microphone stand. SA-1 Stand adaptors included.
Frequency response: 150 Hz –18 kHz
Power handling capacity: 200 Watts
Sensitivity: (1 watt @ 1Meter) 98 dB (1 kHz octave band)
Maximum SPL: (200 watts @ .5 meter): 126 dB
Speaker complement: Two NEOLITE Neodymium, ferro fluid cooled 5 -inch drivers .86 lbs (.39 kg)
Nominal impedance: 16 ohms
Input connection: One Speakon® style input & Two ¼ -inch jacks wired in parallel
Enclosure Materials: High impact ABS plastic
Color: Black case with cloth covered ABS grille
Dimensions: 6.75-inches x 10.94-inches x 6-inches (171 mm x 278 mm x 152 mm)
Volume control: 18 dB range; 7 positions at 3 dB each
Included: SA-1 spun aluminum stand adaptor allows HOT SPOTS to be used on KM style mic stands.
Net weight: 4.5 lbs. (2.04 kg)
Shipping weight: 6.1 lbs. (2.8 kg)
Model: MSVCW WHITE ( In Stock!!)
ULTRA COMPACT LOUDSPEAKERThe Micro Spot VC (volume control) is based on the popular Galaxy Audio Hot Spot, the original personal monitor. The Micro Spot VC comes standard with a volume control located on the front of the unit that allows the user to independently adjust their own volume without affecting the other monitors. A stand mount bracket allows it to be mounted to any microphone stand. The Micro Spot VC features the proprietary Galaxy Audio NEOLITE neodymium 5-inch driver with a Ferrofluid cooled voice coil that reduces both power compression and distortion. The Micro Spot VC, with a bandwidth focused at the vocal frequency range of 300Hz-15kHz, is perfect for all speech applications. The compact size of the Micro Spot VC makes it a great solution for eliminating stage clutter and the task of lugging bulky floor monitors in and out of the gig. Pound for pound, inch for inch, the Micro Spot VC ranks among the world's loudest and clearest loudspeakers. Ruggedly built to Galaxy Audio's exacting standards, the Micro Spot VC is unsurpassed in power handling and sonic fidelity among loudspeakers of similar size and weight.
Frequency response: 300 Hz –15 kHz
Power handling capacity: 100 Watts
Sensitivity: (1 watt @ 1Meter) 92 dB (1 kHz octave band)
Maximum SPL: (100 watts @ .5 meter): 117 dB
Speaker complement: One NEOLITE Neodymium, ferro fluid cooled 5 -inch drivers .86 lbs (.39 kg)
Nominal impedance: 16 ohms
Input connection: Two ¼ -inch jacks wired in parallel
Enclosure Materials: High impact ABS plastic
Color: Black or white case with cloth covered ABS grille
Included: SA- 1 spun aluminum stand adaptor and mounting bracket included.
Dimensions: 7-inches x 6-inches x 5.125-inches (178 mm x 152 mm x 130 mm)
Volume control: 18 dB range; 7 positions at 3 dB each.
Net weight: 2.7 lbs. (1.23 kg)
Shipping weight: 3.2 lbs. (1.2 kg)
Model: MSPADC ( In stock!!)
The Powered Micro Spot, like the original Powered Hot Spot, delivers high power, but in a more compact package that's smaller than a football.
Designed to be used anywhere sound reinforcement is needed, the Powered Micro Spot's universal power supply will accept AC sources ranging from 90 volts to 250 volts, 50 or 60 Hz. Where AC is not available, the Powered Micro Spot-DC can be powered by 12volts DC through it's DC input port.
Weighing only 4.82 pounds, the Powered Micro Spot delivers a clean 30 watts of power to its internal 4.5" speaker and can reach SPL levels of 99 dB. XLR and 1/4" inputs respectively accept microphone and line level signals. The Powered Micro Spot also features a 2-band equalizer and built-in compressor/limiter circuitry that controls the amplifier's gain, acting like a compressor on transient signals and a “brick wall” limiter on signals that continuously exceed a predetermined limit. This results in an apparent 6 dB increase in SPL without distortion. That's twice the sound pressure!
With the included mounting hardware, the Powered Micro Spot can be permanently mounted to a wall or ceiling, or conveniently mounted atop a microphone stand for portable use.
The Powered Micro Spot works great in many applications. The powered Micro Spot is diverse enough for live sound , church, fixed installation, etc. It's compact and lightweight enough to take anywhere.
Rated Power: 30 watts
Equalization: Two band center detentLo: ± 12 dB shelving at 200 HzHi: ± 12 dB shelving at 10 kHz
Frequency response: 150 Hz–15 kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.5% @ 4 ohms
Input connection: Balanced XLR and ¼" parallel inputs with +15 VDC phantom power
Indicator LED: POWER
Power Requirements: 90-250 VAC~, 50/60 Hz, 30W, 12VDC, 3A
Safeguards: Short circuit current limiting. Short circuit foldback limiting. Thermal short circuit protection. Dynamic load line cooling. Turn on/turn off transient suppression

Speaker: One 4.5" Full range
Power handling capacity: 30 watts
Sensitivity (1 Watt @ 1 meter): 84 dB (1 kHz octave band)
Frequency response: 150 Hz–18 kHz
Maximum SPL @ clip (1 Watt @ 1 meter): 99 dB
Enclosure Materials: Fire retardant styrene with black cast aluminum grille
Color: Black
Dimensions: 7" x 6" x 5" (178 mm x 152 mm x 127 mm)
Net weight: 4.82 lbs. (2.19 kg)
Shipping weight: 7.48 lbs. (3.4 kg)