Saturday, April 4, 2009

CAD Microphones in Singapore

Best selling Microphone( USB) - U1

If you need to record in a room, which is not sound proof, consider a Dynamic mic instead of a sensitive condenser. If you wish to record voice and not "voices" from someone else, a dynamic mic could be a better choice for you.

Best Selling Handheld Microphone ( Dynamic) - CAD22A

Comes with a balance xlr cable ( approx 15ft length) and a microphone clip;
Super Cardioid polar pattern with a 60 - 15,000Hz Freq Response and Sensitivity of -54dBV @ 1Pa.
CAD22A is something you should consider for Vocal and Instruments miking.

CAD Microphones come with 2years limited warranty
Check with our local dealer for pricings.
email: for more info.

Trion 7000 Ribbon Microphone

Joe Satriani Guitar Amp Mic Pack - Includes one Trion 7000 Dual-element Ribbon Microphone and one D189 Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone
Pavane Recording Studio has recently added Joe Satriani Guitar Amp Mic Pack for studio recording work.

The Producer/ Engineer/ Director of Pavane Recording Studio tested out the mic personally and likes them.
He Bought them!! Thank you!!