Saturday, January 26, 2008

2008 Feb Products

Heils Sound PR20 Wired and Wireless

A high performance microphone shall bring new large diameter technology to the industry.
It shall have a personality in it’s wide frequency response of 50 Hz. to 18 kHz. at
the –3 dB points. The traditional Heil Sound ‘bouquet’ of mid range articulation will be
featured which will bring gorgeous speech and instrument reproduction without the use of
outboard equalization. A high degree of phasing plug assembly shall reduce the rear rejection
typically at –18 dB or better. A large 1 1/8” diameter low mass voice coil assembly with a
specially treated diaphragm that can create large dynamic levels. A special blend of
neodymium, iron and boron will produce the strongest of magnet structure for this high
performance microphone. Nominal impedance shall be 600 ohms. The proximity effect
which is present in all cardiod microphones will be properly eliminated in the design of this
new microphone. The microphone shall exhibit bright natural sounds, perfect for vocals as well as snare drum and cymbals. The case will be created in steel, finished in non-reflecting black matte color.

The microphone shall have a maximum diameter of 1 5/8“ with a length of 7 5/16”. A cast zinc adjustable 5/8” – 27 stand patter lined in Teflon will be supplied.


The R400a is a high performance, triple-conversion, frequency synthesized, UHF receiver fully compatible with all Lectrosonics 400 series transmitters, and a number of analog models. The proprietary audio processing includes a DSP (digital signal processor) for very low distortion and a superior signal to noise ratio. The DSP eliminates a compandor and its artifacts to provide exceptional audio quality when operating in its native hybrid mode. Special DSP algorithms also provide compatibility modes for use with Lectrosonics 100 and 200 Series analog transmitters.The R400a features a powerful menu-driven LCD graphic display operated with a push-button switch and a dual function rotary encoder control as a convenient means of viewing and altering settings. The LCD main window displays the pilot tone indicator, diversity antenna activity, RF and audio levels, operating frequency, transmitter frequency switch settings and transmitter battery status. Settings can be changed using the MENU functions. A built-in RF spectrum analyzer is included to conduct site surveys to find interference-free operating frequencies. The analyzer quickly tunes the receiver across its 256 frequencies and records a marker on the LCD indicating the strength of any RF signals picked up. Within less than a minute, a complete display is generated showing the RF activity across the entire tuning range of the receiver. An area with little or no RF activity is then easy to locate and select.

US LIST PRICE: USD2520.00 ( R400a/ UTPR20 system)

New!! Heil Sound PR35 Available in February
Heil Sound PR30
Drawing on the technological advancements within the highly successful PR 30, Heil Sound has introduced the PR 35. Designed with the vocalist in mind, the PR 35 produces unparalleled natural articulate sound with a over a wide frequency range. The PR 35 features a large 1.5" diameter dynamic element that is mounted on an internal sorbothane shock mount. Sorbothane isolators provide shock and vibration protection for disk drives, PCBs, and LCD's as well as guard against unwanted resonance.
New Heil Sound technology features a unique dual wound voice coil with a magnet structure of neodymium, iron and boron, which create a magnetic field ten times stronger than the traditional magnets of other microphones. When coupled to the large microphone diaphragm, the results are sonically stunning.
Company founder Bob Heil comments, "I had requests from several well known FOH mixers for a version of the PR 30 that a singer could use in a traditional handheld manner. We built up several and they instantly found use, notably with Joan Baez. She could have any microphone that she wants but loved the sound of the PR 35."
The PR 35 has a frequency response extending from 40 to 18,000 Hz and output level of -52.9 dB @ 1000 Hz. A recessed three position roll off switch allows tailoring of the low end response. It's polar pattern is cardiod and the microphone comes in a black steel frame and grill. All units are shipped with a Heil SM-5 mounting assembly.