Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sanken Microphones

We might be familiar with brands like; AKG, AudioTechnica, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, Neumann, which make microphones for filming, broadcast, ENG.
Sanken microphones might be new to you but not to the local field location sound recordists at all. Originated from Tokyo, Japan, Sanken microphone are gaining its popularity here due to their superior sound reproduction, built and reliability.
Sanken CS1 (Left) Sanken CS3e ( Right)

Sanken CS1, CS3e and COS11 are one of the most common microphones used here by our local field recordists. I wouldn't claim 100% of them owns them but i would say something close to this figure and it is always growing. But i believe that 99.99% of them have tried on any of these microphones.

Other than these mono microphones, Sanken makes fine quality stereo and surround microphones for all purposes, which requires good audio reproduction without colouration.

  • A Local Studio recordist, whom owns the Sanken CSS5, World's first Stereo Shotgun- 3 operation modes is happy with this microphone and with no regrets owning one.

  • Owner of a Sanken CMS-10, Stereo/ Mono Shotgun for HDTV camera, a mountain climber, recording as hobby, is glad to have this microphone mounted on his camera during his travelling. Not only due to its length, weight but it extreme high audio resolution.

COS11 has been an all time favourite lavaliere microphone for our local audio crew. Slim and miniature microphone in design makes it easy for them to "plant" their microphone on talents. This microphone gives a " close to human voice" audio reproduction and that is the reason for being accepted locally to blend with their microphone systems.

NOTE: We are open to comments and interested customers, users or organisations, please email: to arrange for walk-in A/B test namely on their mono microphones ( CS1, CS3e and COS11). If you have and existing microphone and has doubt about these microphones, feel free to bring it down and we test it out.
PS: Bring your "S+11" with you. You wuldn't want to go back without a Sanken in your rig!!

WMS-5- Surround Sound Microphones (L)

Remember: Buy from Authorised Local Sanken dealer only.