Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mixers and Recorders

Cooper Sound CS306 Six Channel Laptop Mixer

Internal Power: Eight ‘AA’ cells
External Power: 4-pin XLR (10-18V DC)
Power Consumption: <>
Weight ( without batteries): 9.5 lbs / 4.3 kg Size: 11.5” x 10.8” x 4.0” (292mm x 274mm x 102mm) Specifications subject to change without notice Made in U.S.A

• Multi track outputs-six prefade & two mix bus outputs on a standard
Dsub25 connector
• Flexible routing. All six channels may be independently assigned
to any combination of the four outputs.
• Meter bridge with highintensity LEDs and illuminated switches that
easily identify critical input settings
• Two monitor outs (with private line)
• Highest quality components: P&G faders, sealed
potentiometers, durable, weather resistant all metal chassis with deep
image labeling
• Ergonomically laid out for operator convenience and ease of operation


Cooper Sound CS208v2 Professional Audio Mixer

Standard Features:
• 8 modular input channels (also available with 6 channels, same chassis)
• 6 busses-4 main & 2 aux.
• 2 remote rolls (For Nagra, HHB, Fostex & other compatible systems)
• 2 stereo tape returns
• 3 monitor outs (with private line)
• New mic preamp design - even lower noise
• 4 high quality analog meters (PPM/VU/Nordic)
• Lower current consumption
• Compatible with all quality analog & digital multi-track recorders
• All connectors on front & back panels-fits on rack shelf.
• Jensen transformer coupled inputs & outputs for sonic purity and reliability
• Very flexible output connector configuration
• Highest quality components: P&G faders, Sifam meters, sealed plastic potentiometers
• All metal chassis with durable weather-resistant coating & anodized, deep image labeling
• Ergonomically laid out for maximum convenience & easy operation
Optional Features:
• Stereo modules with M/S decoding
• 8 balanced,+4 dBu outputs,pre or post fader, on a Dsub25 connector
• Internal A-D converters and AES/EBU outputs for the four main outs
Internal batteries: 12 ‘D’ cells
External DC: 12-24 v
Weight (no batteries): 19 lbs (8.6 kg)
Size: 16.5" x 15.2" x 5" (419 x 386 x 127 mm)
THD + N: .003%
EIN (150Ω 20-20 k): -129.5 dBu
EIN (150Ω ‘A’ wt’d): -131.2 dBu
(All specifications in this brochure are subject to change without notice.) Made in U.S.A


Sonosax SX-ST8D 8 Channel Audio Mixer

Key Features
• Compact and fully modular construction
• Un-compromised choice of components
• Ultra-low noise mic preamps with +48V phantom power available on all input channels
• Electronically balanced, transformer less inputs and outputs
• Wide bandwidth10Hz to 200kHz, suitable for SACD and next converters generations
• High dynamic range and large headroom
• Direct Outputs selectable Pre-EQ, Post-EQ or Post Fader
• 8 Groups individually selectable Pre or Post Pan
• 4 Auxiliaries individually selectable Pre or Post Fader
• Limiter on each input channel
• High quality conductive plastic linear fader
• Dual peak meters on each input for Pre and Post Fader level indications
• Triple Monitoring section with 2 Private Lines for communications
• Large scale level-meter indicators switch able to level and phase correlation meter
• Internal 8 channels of high quality A to D converter ( optional )
• Integrated 8 track Hard disk and Compact flash Card recorder ( optional )
• Compact size and low weight
• Low consumption
All specifications subject to change without notice Made in Switzerland

Aaton Cantar X2
Nine simultaneous analog inputs on XLRs:
Five low noise mic preamps with isolation 10dBU very high quality transformers (Zin = 2KOhm each with its own 48V Phantom supply (40mA distributed to the five mics), analog HP filter (60 to 240, -6 and -12 db slope, plus LFA) and analog domain limiter. Two gangable pairs (gain, limiter, and filter).
Four analog line inputs, G = +15dB, max level +22dB. Zin = 4.4KOhm.
Eight AES inputs, each pair with its own sample rate converter.
Mixer and outputs
All 18 inputs can be mixed and routed to:
One to 8 tracks
Stereo 1/4" headphone (automatic MS decoding). 65mW (70 Ohm), 140mW (32 Ohm), 560mW (8 Ohm).
Two symmetrical analog line (XLR-5).
Two asymmetrical analog wireless IFB (mini-jack).
Eight AES with sample rate converters
Advances in the field recorder domain
all routing and physical configurations are memorized and can be recalled.They can also be stored in a PDA or laptop for instant programation of a new machine.
Built-in, dustproof and waterproof six linear fader mixer (patent pending) for comprehensive 'dynamic' control of the two track mixdown. Individual gain values are stored using XML syntax as a guide for the final sound- mixing stage.
AutoSlate automatically stamps a TC on the detected clapsticks.
Ready to print PDF sound-report.
Dial shapped modulometers with 1 dB increments with peak, clip and limiter-in-action indicators.
User-selectable ballistics.
High contrast LCD displays highly visible in direct sunlight. Adjustable back-lighting.
Swivelling display panel optimizes visibility for shoulder strap and cart.
1ppm Tcxo reference internal clock, eight hours before re-jamming.
Dual Smpte and AatonCode jamming.
Timecode i/o through Lemo-5.
Aaton's operating system insures low power operation: 500mA in test with all inputs activated, ultra-fast cold start-up (<5>
All specifications subject to change without notice Made in France