Thursday, December 20, 2007

High Defination Microphones

What is a High Definition Microphone™?

It is a microphone that will pick up sounds with far greater accuracy and fidelity than conventional microphones. The difference you hear is like the difference you see when comparing a standard television picture to a high definition television picture. It is that dramatic!Today’s recording systems and recording media (DVD, SACD) are getting better and better with higher sample rates and increased bit rates that provide extended frequency response, lower noise and greater dynamic range. The question is, are microphones capable of picking up sounds with increased bandwidth, lower distortion and with far greater detail? Most microphones available today only have high frequency responses reaching between 15 kHz to 20 kHz and are also not fully capable of supplying the increased detail and dynamic range.

The DK25/L is for “Live Performance” and has three SR25s: two for overheads and one for kick drum, a KickPad™ and a windscreen.The patented cardioid pattern on the SR25 provides a more uniform off-axis response and has less susceptibility to acoustic feedback. The DK25/L is also ideal for use with multi-miked drums (four or more mics) in either live or studio applications. In such cases it is recommended that two SR25s are used for overheads.

The DK25/R is for “Recording” and has two TC25 omnis for overheads, an SR25 cardioid for kick drum, a KickPad™ and a windscreen. This model is ideal for use in an enclosed acoustic environment or a drum room/booth. For live performance or “multi-miked” drums using four or more mics in a studio application, the DK25/L is recommended

Earthworks cardioid microphones are unlike all the rest, as they have patented near-perfect cardioid patterns. The sound across the entire front hemisphere is remarkably uniform and is flatter at 90 degrees than most microphones are on-axis. This results in uncolored off-axis rejection for recording and greater gain before feedback for live sound. They effortlessly handle up to 145dB SPL while simultaneously revealing subtle details that other microphones mask. All SR models are a superb value and will provide excellent results for both live performance and recording applications.

The TC series (Time Coherent) is designed for recording louder sources such as drums, percussion, amplified instruments and loud sound effects. Microphones in this series allow recording of louder acoustic sources without overloading the preamplifier. They effortlessly handle high sound pressure levels up to 150dB SPL while simultaneously capturing subtle details. The TC series provides all of the same attributes as the QTC series in impulse response, diaphragm settling time and extended frequency response. All models in the TC series have an exceptional flat frequency response and are time coherent, so they sound natural and uncolored. All models are available in matched pairs.

Just plug the KickPad™ into the mic line feeding your favorite cardioid kick drum mic and you will experience an incredible “instant kick drum sound” that is exactly repeatable, every time. This is a real time saver that will work with any cardioid microphone that is used tor kick drum. The KickPad™ is a passive device (requiring no phantom power) that can be used with either condenser or dynamic cardioid microphones. It will provide fantastic results for both “recording” and “live sound” applications.

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