Saturday, December 22, 2007

Broadcast Microphone Heil Sound PR40

Large-diaphragm Dynamic Microphone with Wide Frequency Range, Supercardioid Pickup Pattern, Minimal Proximity Effect.
A Dynamic Mic with the Frequency Range of a Condenser!
The Heil PR 40 puts the accuracy of a condenser into a dependable, high-SPL-handling dynamic mic!

Heil Sound PR40

The Heil PR 40 represents completely new dynamic microphone technology designed for a wide range of professional applications such as sophisticated recording, live sound, and commercial broadcast. Producing the widest frequency range available in a dynamic microphone, the PR 40 outperforms most condenser microphones, and can withstand huge amounts of SPL. At the same time, it maintains the 25 year Heil Sound tradition of superbly natural voice articulation. Since 1982, Heil Sound has been the leading manufacturer of communications microphones and has a paramount understanding of phasing. When properly applied, this knowledge creates outstanding cardiod patterns with unbelievable rear rejection that removes unwanted sounds that try to enter from the off axis rear. The pattern control of the Heil PR 40 is outstanding. This exceptional performance is achieved by using the ideal combination of materials for the large low mass diaphragm and a special mixture of neodymium, iron, and boron that gives the PR 40 the strongest magnet structure available. These features allow the microphone to achieve magnificent dynamic range. A unique screen system using two different diameter mesh screens and an internal breath blast filter allow
the user to talk closely to the microphone with little worry of pops or excessive sibilance. The large diameter dynamic element is mounted in a unique sorbothane shock mount atop a non-resonant fixture, decoupling the element from the massive steel body. This body and the internal hum bucking coil removes any worry of using the PR 40 near monitor screens or noisy lighting fixtures and controls.

The new technology of the Heil PR 40 has redefined the dynamic microphone with superior wide frequency response, the lowest presence of noise in the industry, flawless design, and elite quality expected by an innovator and leader in the field. Welcome to the new standard. A high performance microphone shall bring new large diameter technology to the industry. It shall have a personality in it’s wide frequency response of 28 Hz. to 18 kHz. at the –3 dB points. The traditional Heil Sound ‘bouquet’ of mid range articulation will be featured which will bring gorgeous speech and instrument reproduction without the use of outboard equalization. A high degree of phasing plug assembly shall reduce the rear rejection typically at –18dB or better. A large 1 1/8” diameter low mass voice coil assembly with a specially treated diaphragm that can create large dynamic levels. A special blend of neodymium, iron and boron will produce the strongest of magnet structure for this high performance microphone. Nominal impedance shall be 600 ohms. The proximity effect which is present in all cardiod microphones will be properly eliminated in the design of this new microphone. By controlling this bass boost effect, this microphone will be the most ideal microphone for use inside kick drums, for close up guitars and will be the summit for tight vocals and broadcast studios. There shall be a hum bucking coil to eliminate hum and noise when used near a cathode ray tube monitor or around high EMF levels. The case will be created in steel, finished in anodized, nonreflecting champagne matte color. The microphone shall have a maximum diameter of 2 1/16“ with a length of 6 11/16”. A cast zinc adjustable 5/8” – 27 stand adapter lined in Teflon will be supplied .

(Above: Heil Sound PL2T Felxi Table mount)

Users Comments ( gathered by AudioBridge ) :
  • Picking up lesser back ground, air-con, PC noises compared with all my other "expensive" condenser microphones.

  • - Sounds great!

  • - Can take loud voices!

  • - No pop filters or foams required!

  • - Not the cheapest mic but value for money. Save all my worries and $$.

Try out this PR40, our best selling Broadcast microphone, before you make your final decision!