Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cases and Pouches for Protection your Equipment

Time Slate Pouch

Slate Pouch (PS-1) is 8.5"h x 10"w ID, 3/8 dense foam, custom laminated to 1000 Denier Nylon, and comes with a, self healing, coil zipper.
Suitable for Denecke TSC Time slate
( Picture: Denecke TSC with Versaflex PS-1)

Slate Pouch (PS-2) is 10"h x 12.5"w ID, 3/8 dense foam, custom laminated to 1000 Denier Nylon, and comes with a, self healing, coil zipper.
Suitable for Denecke TS3 Time slate
(Picture: Denecke TS3 with Versaflex PS-2)

Pictures were taken by Me

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Wireless Microphone Transmitter Pouch

1 Pouch, with Velcro over-the-top
1 Leg elastic strap
1 Waist elastic strap
Please Specify Color: Black, White or Tan
Suitable for Lectrosonics LM, UM400 Transmitter
Boom Microphone Holder

Boom Tube with Mic Case using the mounting system. + "Piggy Back" Close-up
Above Pictures were taken by Me

The MicTube is designed to carry a single shotgun microphone, in a padded, waterproof case. The MicTube actually floats if dropped in a body of water (not recommended)! The unique O-ring-sealed lid, keeps out moisture, dust and grit. The MicTube replaces your old-fashioned wood or flimsy soft plastic case and gives your expensive mics total protection. The MicTube is available in three sizes for short, medium and long shotgun microphones. It comes with a lockable draw-latch top.
The MicTube will mount to a Boom Tube® with an optional mounting kit. Carry additional microphones and a Softi-Case on your Boom Tube for a lightweight, over-the-shoulder carrying system. Leave your hands free to have a latté or carry your audio recorder.

(Right shows- Lockable draw-latch top)
Picture taken by Me

Mic Tube Available in 3 different length 11" (280mm) . 15" (382mm) . 18.5" (470mm)
Fuzzy Case Available in 3 different length 16" (406mm) 21" (530mm) 25" (630mm)

Boom Tube Available in 4 different length 31" (790mm) . 36" (915mm) . 46" (1170mm) . 55" (1400mm)

Whether you work on location or in a studio, the Boom Tube will protect your expensive microphone boom pole during travel or in storage.
Why Alfa Case?
1) 3 times protection
We can assure you that is it different from those made of soft cloth material. It not only protect your boom poles and microphones from scratches but also from being crushed ( not recommended to try this with extreme load) and getting wet.
2) Fast and Easy to use
To remove the equipment from the cases, you just need to unlock the latch, lift up the top cover to remove your equipment. No " Zip Zap"!
3) Easy maintenance
You don't have to put these cases under the sun to dry.
"Just wipe it with your shirt "
4) All built for you
These casesl are designed for people, whom do not have time to do their washing and
Get them now!