Thursday, November 8, 2007

2007 Q4 Hot Products

Alfa Case is now available in Singapore.

Protect your field microphones and boom poles now!!

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Freedom Back™ Wireless Stereo In-Ear System

Freedom Back is a high quality UHF wireless stereo in-ear monitor system designed to replace loud, bulky and unsightly stage monitors while allowing the talent the freedom to move about the stage. It is a perfect companion to our highly successful Hear Back personal monitor mixer system and the acclaimed Mix Back matrix monitor mixer.
The Freedom Back system includes a transmitter with antenna, wireless stereo receiver, carrying case, and rack mount kit with an extension cable for mounting the antenna on the front panel. Freedom Back is available in UA and UB bands making it possible to utilize numerous units on a stage at one time. Band A operates from 584 – 608 MHz and band B operates from 655 – 679 MHz. With 120 channels per band, the user will be able to select frequencies that will not be subject to local TV station interference even after the impending FCC changes!
Transmitter Features:
120 digitally selectable UHF channels
Up to 10 transmitters may be used in the same space, depending on local UHF interference
Stereo or Mono switch on the rear of the transmitter
Back-lit LCD display of frequency, audio level, group and channel
XLR and 1/4 ” combo input connectors
Built-in automatic limiter
Stereo headphone or in-ear monitor jack with volume control
PAD switch attenuates signal by 12 dB
External whip antenna can be front mounted with included rack ears and extension cable
Receiver Features:
Wireless stereo belt pack allows freedom to move about the stage
Unlimited receivers may be used with one transmitter, when on the same frequency
Back-lit LCD displays frequency, group, channel, battery indicator, and Mono/Stereo
Stereo headphone or in-ear monitor jack with volume control
RF present LED


Rio Rancho, NM -- The Lectrosonics SMQ transmitter has been nominated for a 2007 Technical Excellence & Creativity Award in the category of Outstanding Technical Achievement, Wireless Technology. The TEC Awards was established by Mix magazine in 1985 to honor outstanding achievement in the professional recording and sound production industry. The nominations are made by a panel of approximately 165 audio industry professionals. Qualified Mix subscribers will make the final determination via an online ballot beginning August 1. The winners of the 23rd Annual TEC Awards will be announced at a ceremony Saturday, October 6, at the New York City Marriott Marquis, on the second night of the AES Convention.
The SMQ transmitter, introduced in April, 2006, is a 250mW Digital Hybrid Wireless(tm) UHF transmitter and part of the "Super Mini" line of dimunitive transmitters for film, video, television and stage production.
About LectrosonicsWell respected within the film, broadcast, and theater technical communities since 1971, Lectrosonics wireless microphone systems and audio processing products are used daily in mission-critical applications by audio engineers familiar with the company's dedication to quality, customer service, and innovation. Lectrosonics is a US manufacturer based in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. For additional information on the SM Series transmitters, Venue receivers, UH400TM transmitters and all Lectrosonics products, visit the company online at

Model: KEG 88

Designed to fit into a standard equipment case, the
Avalon Graphite Traveler has a minimum length of just
22” (56 cm) and fully extends to 7’8” (2.2 meters).
Constructed of lightweight carbon fiber, the Traveler
is ideal for ENG, EFP, and DV production or as a
great back-up pole. The five telescoping sections lock
together via the K-Tek “captive collett” for maximum
holding power with minimum torque. The Traveler is
available wired or unwired.

Model Min. Length Max. Length Sections Weight
KEG-88 22”(56cm) 7’8”(2.2m) 6 0.907oz (411g)

Most Accepted Shock Mount
Model: KE-US

KE-US Universal Shock Mount
This lightweight, versatile
suspension system uses the K-Tek
K-SUS polymer suspenders in
a machined aluminum frame.
Standard spacing is 3 5/8"
(93mm); suspenders can
be user-adjusted down in steps
to 1 1/2" (40mm) apart to
accommodate short microphones. The system’s
swivel adapter with industry-standard 3/8" -- 16
thread permits easy mounting onto a boom pole,
handgrip or any other support.
Weight: .162 lbs (73g)

Sonosax SX-M32 3 channel portable mixer with digital output

Ultra Compact and Leight Weight High Quality 3 channels Stereo ENG/EFP Mixer
Ideal companion for News - ENG - small Documentaries - Folley's - Music
Small and robust construction
Easy maintenance
Low Power consumption

2007 Q4 - 2008 Q1

Sonosax SX-R4 8 track Recorder on HD & CF
Compact and Leight Weight 8 tracks Recorder on Hard Disk and CF Card
The ideal companion for classical music and on location multi-track recording
Perfect Gain control and advanced linking capabilities
Recording capabilities: 44,1 up to 192kHz @ 24bits and 16 bits ( dithering )
Up to 8 tracks on the HD plus 2 tracks on the CF Card
Small and robust construction
Friendly user interface, easy maintenance
Battery or external DC operated

2007 Q4 - 2008 Q1



Reads and displays SMPTE/EBU Time Code. Internally mounted SB-2 Syncbox Time Code Generator. Jams to all standard frame rates, including 30 df. User bits jam automatically when the time is set. The high stability crystal ensures low drift and now comes standard with the TCXO option for extreme temperature ranges. EL backlit display, particularly useful during night shoots and on dimly lit stages.Your choice of black and white or color clapper sticks.

Light weight - fits in a frontbox
Auto set frame rate
Flat back for camera logs
Blinking LED jam indicator.
TCXO Crystal
Battery voltage readout.
Sync error display
Sliding access door to controls and quick load battery pack
EL Backlight Display -- illuminates scene, take and production section of the face plate
MODE:A: Enable / Disable ModesB: Set value of selected modes
Choice of Black & White or Color clapper sticks
EL Backlight Display
SIZE:8.25" x 11" x 1.3"(21 cm x 28 cm x 3.3 cm)
INPUT: -15 dB at 4.7 k, 1/4" phone jack
WEIGHT:2.35 lbs. (1.05 kg)2.7 lbs. with batteries (1.25 kg)
BATTERY PACK: 6 alkaline "AA" batteries
POWER: 5.7v to 16v DC


The Dcode SB-T is the latest addition to the Denecke Line of Time Code Generators. The SB-T reads, generates and jams to all the standard frame rates including 23.976 for High Definition Video. The outputs include Time Code and Video Sync in PAL and NTSC, as well as Trilevel for HD shoots. The Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) ensures low drift. High stability and ease of use makes it a welcome addition to any Hi Def or Standard Def shoot!

Generates Trilevel Sync in all 1920 X 1080 & 1280 X 720 formats, composite PAL and NTSC, as well as all standard Time Code rates.
Jam from an external source or set it internally and use as a stand alone generator.
Run on 3 AA batteries or power externally through a 4 pin Hirose plug and use the AA batteries as a backup when the camera is powered down.
Continuously jams to new code so there is no need to power down the unit to re-jam.
Cross jam regardless of incoming frame rates.
Optional 5 pin Lemo socket instead of 4 pin Hirose
Low and Dead Battery warning

SIZE & WEIGHT: 4.475" X 2.90" X 1.050" .750 pounds (with batteries)
INPUT: -15dB @ 4.7K; 1/8" mini phone jack
POWER: 3 Alkaline "AA" Batteries EXTERNAL: 5.7V to 16V DC BATTERY LIFE: 48+ Hours
TCXO CRYSTAL: +/- 1PPM @ -30 to +75°C
VIDEO OUT: Composite: PAL & NTSCTriLevel: All 1920 X 1080 formats and 1280 X 720 formats



Rio Rancho, NM – October 2007… Lectrosonics, recognized the world over as a leading manufacturer of wireless microphone systems and audio processing products, is pleased to introduce a new two-channel slot-mount Digital Hybrid Wireless™ diversity receiver at the 123rd Audio Engineering Society convention in New York. The SR receiver offers two independent channels and fits into the standard video camera slots found on professional cameras. The two audio channels can feed separate inputs or can be mixed internally to feed a single input.
Two diversity modes are offered in the SR. SmartDiversity™ reception is employed by independently combining antenna phase for each receiver channel. Alternately, the two channels can be used together in “True Diversity” Ratio mode as a single receiver. Graphic spectrum scanning provides quick and easy location of clear operating frequencies for interference-free operation.
The two Digital Hybrid Wireless receivers inside the SR offer 256 frequencies each in one of nine available blocks, and operate with any of the Lectrosonics 400 Series transmitters without a compandor in the audio path. In addition, compatibility modes also facilitate operation with Lectrosonics 100 Series, 200 Series, and IFB analog systems, along with analog transmitters from two other manufacturers. Transmitter battery strength is monitored in the SR when using compatibility modes for 200 and 400 Series transmitters.
While mounted on a camera, the SR is splash resistant—thanks to sealed membrane switches and LCD, along with a special gasket covering the slot opening. The SR can be used with slot-equipped Sony, Ikegami, or Panasonic professional cameras via optional connector kits. A stand-alone kit is also available that enables using the SR out of the camera slot, powered from external DC, and provides two locking mini-XLR analog audio outputs.
Receiver audio frequency response is 30 Hz to 20 kHz, ±1 dB, while overall system response is determined by the transmitter and microphone element used. Signal to noise performance at the receiver output is 107 dB before limiting.
The new Lectrosonics Dual-Channel Slot-Mount ENG Receiver carries a MSRP of US$3,300. Availability is expected for December, 2007.


Technology ensures backward compatibility while fostering state-of-the-art wireless capabilities
Rio Rancho, NM – October 2007… Lectrosonics, recognized the world over as a leading manufacturer of wireless microphone systems and audio processing products, is pleased to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued the company a patent (U.S. Patent No. 7,225,135) for its Digital Hybrid Wireless technology. Digital Hybrid Wireless —an integral part of the Lectrosonics Venue, UCR401, UCR411A, and R400A receivers as well as transmitters from the SM, UM, MM, UH, and UT product groups—enables the company’s wireless systems to deliver world-class performance for countless major motion picture and TV projects, as well as being found on stage with leading performers such as the Dixie Chicks and Santana. Additionally, the technology provides backward compatibility with earlier wireless systems from Lectrosonics’ as well as those from other manufacturers.
Lectrosonics’ Digital Hybrid Wireless technology uses a proprietary algorithm to encode 24-bit digital audio information with no compression and low distortion into an analog format that can be transmitted in a robust manner over an analog FM wireless link. The result is much higher dynamic range—free from sonic artifacts— than wireless systems using a compandor are able to offer. Digital Hybrid Wireless technology delivers long operating range, graceful signal decay, and a small spectral footprint, facilitating more channels to be operated simultaneously.
A particularly noteworthy characteristic of Lectrosonics’ Digital Hybrid Wireless technology lies in its ability to provide backward compatibility with earlier generation Lectrosonics wireless products when used in compatibility mode. By emulating the companding schemes of Lectrosonics 100 and 200 Series wireless systems using DSP (Digital Signal Processing), these earlier products can be integrated with the company’s newer systems—ensuring long life and, hence, excellent return on investment. As an added benefit, compatibility with the companding schemes of other wireless equipment manufacturers can similarly be achieved, enabling Lectrosonics wireless products to be deployed with non-Lectrosonics systems.
David Thomas, Lectrosonics Senior Design Engineer and inventor of the company’s Digital Hybrid Wireless technology, commented on the benefits it brings to today’s audio professional. “Digital systems may be hard to beat in terms of audio quality,” notes Thomas, “but they can't touch analog FM systems in terms of spectrum efficiency and long operating range. Enter Lectrosonics’ Digital Hybrid Wireless technology, which combines the best of both worlds. Its digital audio processing makes optimal use of the analog channel—transmitting an encoded signal that is both loud and wideband, to soar over the noise. Of equal significance, Digital Hybrid sounds natural, even on the fringe of reception.”
In addition to its prevalence in motion picture and television work, Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid Wireless technology is an integral part of many live sound projects—both on stage and behind the scenes. The company’s core Digital Hybrid Wireless products such as the UCR411A and Venue receivers, SM Series, plus the UH400A and UH400TM plug-on transmitters are commonly found in use by performers and their engineers while the TM400 Wireless System for Test and Measurement has found favor with the large-scale concert touring companies and loudspeaker companies for sound system alignment.